How It Works

Step1: Fact Finding

In this stage, we'll learn more about your background and experience. You'll let us know what are the most important factors to you for your next job.
Step 2: Pinpoint Jobs

We’ll narrow down the best opportunities that align with your skills and experience. Focusing on the jobs that help you accomplish your goals and desires.
Step 3: Introduction

Schedule a call to review the opportunities that we have identified for you. Resume submission to client upon approval. Await feedback from the client in response to the resume submittal.
Step 4: Interview Preparation

Provide tactics and strategy in order to achieve a successful interview. Leaving the hiring manager and the team with a strong impression of you.
Step 5: Feedback

Obtain feedback from the client and candidate to determine whether to proceed forward with the interview process. If all went well, schedule the next round of interviews.
Step 6: Negotiating the Offer

We will work with the client to determine the strongest compensation package and then will present the details and benefits to you. References and background check to follow.

Next Steps:

We can start your job search immediately.  Send us your resume and we’ll go to work to help elevate your career.

*There is no fee for you to utilize our services
**We work on a contingency basis and the company that hires you (our clients) pay our fee.

“I can’t thank you guys enough. I was able to land the job of my dreams and I owe it all to you. From helping me to revise my resume, prepare for each round of interviews, and ultimately negotiating my salary to a number that exceeded my expectations. Thank you! ‘


-Chris S.